Saturday, August 2, 2014

Varennes to Ile de Sables

We are both tired today as it was such a long tiring day yesterday, so we decided to make a short day of it (40 NM) . Again there is almost no wind (3 knots) and it is hot and sunny.  We left Varennes around 8am and had a very uneventful morning. At 1:30pm we dropped anchor in the Lac St. Pierre Archipelago. We are anchored in a small channel running between Grand Isle and Isle de Sable.  It is very peaceful and beautiful. We plan to spend the afternoon relaxing and maybe doing a bit of work.

The cottages are all small, unassuming little places built on stilts. Docks disappear into all grasses which line the banks of each of these islands. It is very different from the Thousand Islands.

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