Sunday, April 10, 2011

On the hunt for a new Obsession

Well, we have made the very difficult decision to sell Obsession. If you have been following this blog, you know we have been the proud owners of Obsession for over three years now. She has been a wonderful boat to us, has been incredibly fun to sail, and has taught us a tremendous amount about owning a boat.  We have made several upgrades to the boat, and its trailer, and have documented many of them in this blog. So why are we selling?

In short, we want a larger boat. We are looking at several boats in the 36-38 foot range and hope to find our new boat soon. Although we will continue to cruise around Prince Edward Island and the Northumberland Strait, we are also looking to do some cruising further afield - Newfoundland, southern Nova Scotia, the eastern seaboard and south to the Carribean. Since we want to be able to live and work aboard for months at a time, we would like a few more feet of living space than our 30 foot Obsession is able to provide. Although it has been perfectly comfortable for 3 weeks at a time, I think for 3 months at a time, we need a bit more space. So with heavy hearts, we have listed the boat for sale. For information check out the listing for our Beneteau First 305.
Stay tuned as we hunt for our new boat...