Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring has arrived

Well it was an unseasonably warm 16 degrees Celcius today - the first day of Spring. With the snow melting and the warmer weather, we decided to go check on My Obsession to make sure the warmer weather hadn't softened the ground and compromised the stability of the boat on her jackstands. Happily, all is well. Unfortunately, a nearby boat in the storage yard fell over at the beginning of the winter causing itself some serious damage. It has made me a bit paranoid I confess.

The harbour was clear of ice and with the balmy weather, I couldn't help but feel the itch to get going on the little boat projects necessary to get the boat ready to be launched. Alas, it is still too early, but my mind is already churning with plans for the upcoming sailing season. A season which can't start soon enough for me! The countdown is officially on I think.