Monday, October 31, 2011

An Update

It has been over a month since we returned with My Obsession from Cape Breton and an amazing 5 weeks in the Northumberland Strait and the Bras D'Or Lakes. After we returned to PEI we only managed to squeeeze in one final day sail before we had to have the boat hauled at the end of September. October has passed in a flurry of work and activity, preparing for the colder weather which is steadily approaching. Winterizing My Obsession was a bit more complicated than it was to winterize Obsession 305. The boat systems are still somewhat unfamiliar and just tracking down all the connections takes time.

Now, My Obsession sits on the hard in Souris, PEI, fortified against the wind and weather and quietly waiting for another adventure in 2012. This season saw us travel from New Jersey up the coast to Nova Scotia, around to Souris, PEI, up the Northumberland Strait as far as Buctouche and then to Cape Breton and the Bras D'Or Lakes. We sailed a total of 1750 nautical miles this season and spent 84 nights on board.

The past few weeks, we have been following the adventures of our friends, Chick and Cheryl on Great Habit as they begin a year sailing in the Carribbean. We wish them fair winds and safe passages. Follow Great Habit's blog if you are interested.

A trip to Ottawa over the Thanksgiving weekend meant no trip to the Annopilis Boat Show this year for us. But, the Miami show is coming up in February...