Monday, July 28, 2014


Sunday had been a beautiful day, but around 8pm the forecast rain and thunderstorm arrived - with a vengeance. 

We had taken our dinghy over to Alison and Steve's boat to play a final game of cards and say our goodbyes. They were on the far side of the anchorage and we passed three other sailboats on our way across. We had been aboard Worth the Waite for only about 20 minutes when we saw a wall of rain and wind come across the anchorage, hitting our boat first. I spent a few anxious moments as My Obsession disappeared completely from view within the wall of water. I nervously peered into the rain trying to assure myself that we were not dragging anchor. Of course, even if we were there was nothing I could do about it from the far side of the anchorage. The wind had picked up so much that it would be difficult to try and dinghy back. I chewed my nails and fretted for about 15 minutes while the storm raged. What a feeling of helplessness as Mother Nature toyed with us. I had been on our boat during a squall several times, but never had I watched one hit our boat from another within the anchorage. 

Thankfully, the anchor held very securely and after the storm we enjoyed our visit. When we returned later in the evening, it was only raining lightly.

This morning the rain continued and we pulled up anchor in light rain and headed east towards Brockville. We passed Singer Castle in the pouring rain and so decided to give it a pass.

Most of the day we stayed inside the enclosure out of the rain.

In a way it matches my mood. I am excited to be heading home, but I am a bit sad that a chapter is ending. 

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