Sunday, July 6, 2014

Necessity is the mother of invention

Just when we thought we had dealt with our cooking challenges by getting the new BBQ part and new propane tank, the thermocoupler went in the oven. Now as soon as it starts to warm up even a bit the oven turns off. Unless you hold in the knob. Now holding in a knob w
hile sitting on the floor of the boat is just no fun at all. And we use our oven a lot. Jay makes muffins for breakfast often.  We also make meals like lasagna,  roast potatoes, nachos or pizza.

So as we lamented the week delay it would take for the new part to be shipped from the manufacturer and the sore fingers we would have holding in the knob,  inspiration struck. This bottle of vegetable oil fits perfectly between the bar in front of the stove and the knob to hold it in. Pizza is back on the menu tonight!

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