Monday, June 13, 2011


It rained all weekend in Portland, so we decided to stay put. We explored the town, caught a movie, went grocery shopping, topped up the diesel and got a replacement handheld GPS for the one Jay accidentlaly dropped. We even did laundry and washed the boat down. We also did a lot of reading, and cuddled under the blankets as the weather has been very damp and cool.

 We have had a mooring at Portland Yacht Services and the staff have been fantastic, very helpful and friendly.  We would recommend this location to anyone coming through the area, but the mooring field can roll a bit as the ferries go by.  They  do pump outs, have water, do repairs and have laundry and showers. But I cant emphasize enough how every member of the staff we have talked to have been incredibly friendly and helpful. The only service missing is fuel and we went across the Harbour to Sunset Marina for diesel today. Jay did an impressive pirouette with the boat to come alongside the fuel dock with only a foot to spare under the keel.

One of the other reasons we stayed until this morning was to an electroics store, which wasn't open on the weekend, to see about our chartplotter which got moisture in it during the severe thunderstorm on Thursday. Before heading there this morning we plugged it back in so we could tell them what was wrong with it. To our delight, it worked! Since we had let it sit over the weekend, it had dried out and was working properly.We no longer had to see about the chartplotter, but since we had stayed anyway, we decided to get some grocery and do a few other tasks on the boat.

Tomorrow we leave for Boothbay Harbour. Another few days in Maine and then we will make the crossing to Nova Scotia.

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