Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bad Boy

Let me introduce you to a new and very popular member of our crew - Bad Boy. Without Bad Boy, our lives would be much more challenging and complicated.

Even though we are cruising up the US coast, we are not completely on vacation. We tried our best to clear up as much as possible before we left, but since we have three businesses between us, we are still on call. Also, although we tried to minimize our workload for this month, we still have some deadlines and tasks to meet.

This is where Bad Boy comes in. Bad Boy is a system, targetted for marine use, that lets us pick up internet signals from our boat. Bad Boy consists of two components. The first is an antenna that picks up any internet signal in the area. It will focus on any open signals first, but you also have option of connecting to any secured systems if you have the password.

The second component is a wireless router. Our boat now is its own internet hot spot. We can access internet from each computer independently.

How well does it work? If there is a signal around, very well. It picks up multiple signals that our laptops cannot. For the three days we were in Newport, we had internet the whole time. That allowed us to spend a few hours each day doing work. As I'm writing this, we are in an isolated area of Massachusetts, but still accessing a weak internet signal. We were able to do some work earlier this evening.

Because of our day jobs, we cannot allow ourselves to be totally disconnected. We have only had Bad Boy for a week, and he's already proven his worth.
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  1. Loved Michelle's encounter with the lighthouse! It's nice to see that you are enjoying good weather. Hope you bring it with you!!!...mom