Monday, August 26, 2013


We have been fortunate to have lots of friends and family visit us this summer. Whether for an evening aboard, a day trip with lunch and swimming, or a few days out, we love sharing something we love doing with our friends and family.

A few weeks ago our friends Michelle and Sean and their two girls, Kaitlyn and Emma, came from PEI for a 5 day visit. My Obsession theoretically sleeps 6. However, the v-berth has been retrofitted as an office. This means that really we have the two single berths in the main cabin and our bed in the stern cabin. Jay and I are perfectly comfortable aboard, but unlike our house in PEI which can sleep 10, we do not have a lot of room for overnight visitors. I warned our friends that they were welcome to stay aboard, but quarters would be tight. Now, our friends Alison and Steve and their two little boys have a power boat, a cruiser, at Collins Bay that has more beds and they offered overnight accommodations too.

Michelle and Sean and the girls arrived late in the evening, around 9:30pm. We made beds up for the girls on the settees and stayed up in the cockpit, chatting until late. Rather than disturb Alison and Steve on their boat due to the late hour, Michelle and Sean decided they would sleep in the cockpit that first night. Especially with the full enclosure, this would be similar to sleeping in a tent. Everyone managed to get some sleep and the next day, both boats headed out to Kerr Bay.

We anchored in the Bay and spent the next two days back and forth between the two boats. Watching the four kids fish, swimming, motoring around in the dinghy, reading, playing board games, water fights with pool noodles and noodle blasters, BBQing, kayaking, floating on pool noodle chairs, laughing and chatting - the two days were a blur of sun, fun, good food and great friends. We even had a surprise party at anchor to celebrate Michelle finishing her degree. A couple of nights the kids slept on the power boat with Alison and Steve and the boys, leaving just the four of us on My Obsession. The last night the girls slept in the cockpit – their chance to try that out. All week, the boat was bursting at the seams with people and stuff. We were having a blast.

Michelle and Sean and the girls left on the Friday. Alison and Steve and the boys headed back to their farm. By Friday evening, My Obsession was back in order, all neat and tidy with everything in its place - and feeling very big, very empty and definitely lonely.         


  1. It sounds like maybe we should come the post! Loved the visit! Good time had by all...missing our friends :(

  2. Hi, sounds like your having a blast. We just pulled into KYC around the bend from you. Only here for 2 days then down the river to Halifax. Perhaps we will walk over and see if your around.
    Bill & Lou
    and Admiral Max