Friday, June 22, 2012

St. Lawrence River

It is Friday morning as I write this. We left PEI a week ago yesterday and have travelled 583 nautical miles so far. We are in a Marina in Port de l'Aigle on the northern shore of the St. Lawrence. I have been doing some work this morning while Jay has wandered off to find a grocery store. We are waiting for a favourable current and so will likely cast off around 11:30 this morning bound for Quebec City. There is a marina on Ile d'Orleans we may decide to stop at, depending on what time we arrive in the area. As much as we would love to stop and spend some time exploring Quebec City, we do want to reach Montreal within the next few days if possible as friends from PEI will be there and we would love to meet up with them. Yesterday we left our anchorage in Port de Gros Cacoune to travel just 30 NM to this marina, riding a very favourble current. Again we saw several seals and lots of belugas. At one point I could see 5 surfacing all at once. Of course, they don't pose well for the camera and for some reason, the shot is in black and white, but I am posting a photo anyway. The river was so calm yesterday, you could see the whales for miles. It was awesome. The scenery is gorgeous as well. Beautiful rolling hills on either side of the river covered in carpets of greenery. For miles the hills have also been dotted with windmills. We have not been very good at taking many photos, so I will try and be better as the trip continues. The first part of the trip, without currents to contend with and with a third crew member, we pushed hard to cover lots of distance. In fact, we stopped only twice after leaving Souris, PEI until we reached Rimuski. We stopped in Richibucto overnight due to high winds and we made a one hour stop for diesel fuel in Riviere Madeleine. The stretch from Richibucto to Rimouski took 54 hours, with only that one hour stop, a total of 353 NM. We did turn off the engine and drift several times to refuel from a jerry can too. Since Rimouski, the current has been more of an issue and will continue to be from here on. At least I am finding lots of time to work while we wait for favourable currents.

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