Friday, June 29, 2012

On the Seaway

Today has been an easier day on the water so far. It is almost 5pm and we have managed to put almost another 50 nautical mikes under our keel. We pulled up the anchor and left Salsberry de valleyfield around 6:20am.
I took the wheel for the first hour while Jay made blueberry muffins and coffee. Then I took my muffin and coffee to the bow office. I had a two hour conference call for work at 8am. Neat way to work I must say, watching the world go by through the porthole.
I have managed to get a lot of work done this trip, but wish we had been able to take more time to sightsee. We have been on the water for 15 days including today with only 3 days spent not moving. Two of those days were in Montreal. Unfortunately I was only able to explore the city in the evenings but what a fabulous place, le Vieux Port. We did visit Notre Dame Basilica and also took in Amaluna by Cirque de Soleil. My first Cirque show. It was amazing.
We also met another sailboat heading downriver and exchanged information and charts. It is always helpful to make those connections.
Yesterday we did a lot of waiting at locks. Today we have hardly waited at the two locks we have passed through. The current has varied, but mostly has only been one knot against us. We have passed through the two US locks and are heading towards the final lock we need to transit before entering the Thousand Islands.
We are now back in Canada after a few hours in US waters and in Ontario. We passed Chrysler's Farm and Upper Canada Village not long ago. The sun is shining brightly, unlike yesterday when it rained constantly. It is bouncing off the surface of the water and glittering like a thousand diamonds. It is hard to believe our trip is nearing an end. Tonight we intend to anchor again and then make the final run to Kingston tomorrow.
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