Saturday, December 26, 2009

Armchair Adventures

So, here I sit in my living room, looking out over the frozen St.Peters Bay, having just finished reading "Sailing the Big Flush", a funny and engaging non-fiction book by Eileen Beaver. The story of a self-described "pampered sea-tipper from sunny California who ends up as a plucky, menopausal first mate" on a 25 foot wooden sailboat captained by her husband Doug as they sail for a month on the huge tides of the Bay of Fundy.  

Filled with stories of the people they meet in Nova Scotia, the beauty and challenge of sailing the Minas Basin and Bay of Fundy, and Eileen's personal journey, the book was the perfect antidote to a winter day on dry land.

This summer, Eileen Beaver dropped a signed copy of the book off  at The Turret Bell, our bookstore at St. Peters Landing in St. Peters. I was sorry I was not at the store that day to meet her as Jay and I were - you guessed it - out sailing on Obsession.  But I would like to hear more of her and Doug's sailing sagas. Thanks for a great read, Eileen.

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