Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cruising Guides and the Beginning of a New Adventure

Well, we have finally pulled ourselves away from our land-based resposibilities in order to take some more time on My Obsession. Despite the fog patches and mist, we left Souris around 1pm today and headed for Brudenell. Our friend, Glen, is aboard with us for a few days.

The wind was light, so we poked along under sail for two hours, then turned on the engine and motorsailed. The sea was fairly calm and we easily spotted seveal seals as we left Souris. As we left so late in the day, we decided to anchor off the resort in Brudenell.

Before we left this morning, Jay had to make a small repair to a valve in the head. Maintenance is never done on a boat. While Jay effected the repair, I chatted with sailors who had cruised up from Maine. While discussing cruising guides, he informed me of an older book, now out of print, by Peter Loveridge titled, A Cruising Guide to Nova Scotia. After we anchored off Brudenell this evening I went online to search Amazon for a used copy, I stumbled on Peter Loveridge's blog and the news that he has published a revised version of the Guide on DVD.  I wish we had had this Guide on our recent trip up the Nova Scotia coast.  I will be ordering a copy of the revised guide.

As for cruising in Prince Edward Island, the best cruising guide is Harbours and Marinas of Prince Edward Island by Sam Cioran. Sam keeps his boat in Souris and has amazing knowledge of cruising grounds in PEI. We have found the small blue covered book, the Cruising Guide to Cape Breton, which is also out of print, to be the best cruising guide for Cape Breton. Anyone know of a good cruising guide for New Brunswick?

We have the Down East Circle Route Cruising Guide by Cheryl Barr and the Cruising Guide to the Canadian Maritimes also by Cheryl Barr, but we find them lacking in detail. Maybe someday we will have to write our own cruising guide. Can you imagine having a job that required you to sail? Sign me up!


  1. Charles Westropp cmdre@ns.sympatico.caNovember 23, 2011 at 9:58 PM

    Try The Cruising Guide to the Nova Scotia Coast published by the Puffin Press.

    It is updated annually on the Web with a new edition every four years or so.

    An yachty can submit corrections to the Puffin press to keep it up to date.

    it is available at The Binnacle in Halifax

  2. Thanks for mentioning that one. We do have the "Cruising Guide to the Nova Scotia Coast" which includes Sable Island, Eastern PEI and the Magdalens which we bought at the Binnacle in Halifax several years ago. Our version was published by Pilot Press out of Massachusetts and is dated 2008. We certainly did use this Guide coming up the coast of Nova Scotia, and found it very helpful. However, we always like to have more than one Guide as they all offer something different. We also have "A Cruising Guide to the Gulf of St. Lawrence 2nd edition" which we keep aboard for our cuising in the maritimes. Thanks for the tip about the website (http://www.puffin-press.com/novascotia.htm) as I wasn't aware updates were posted there.