Thursday, October 14, 2010

The End of Another Season

Another season is over.

Obsession was lifted out of the water for the winter in late September. Shortly thereafter, we left for a couple of weeks for work and play (including a trip to the Annapolis boat show), so there was a bit of a rush to get her winterized.

This is the third time we've prepared her the winter, and it becomes a bit easier each time. The main item is to drain water and fill the pipes with antifreeze to prevent damage as the temperatures freeze. This includes the pipes to and from the sink in the main cabin and the head, the head itself, the water bladder, and the water heater. Also, the bilge has to be cleaned and the bilge lines drained and filled with antifreeze.

The engine itself is cooled with salt water, so the cooling system has to be prepared the same way. This is a bit more difficult. It involves detaching the salt water intake hose from the hull, and being prepared with both a fresh water supply and antifreeze. The intake hose has to be placed in the fresh water while the engine is being started, and then switched to the antifreeze until all the water has been replaced. This is at least a two person job, even easier with three people.

The mast electrical connections have to be protected with lubricant, and the batteries removed. The interior and exterior have to be cleaned and scrubbed. All removable items have to be taken off the boat.

The entire process takes a few days - I'm always amazed by how much we can gather on board over the summer. It always takes longer than planned, so there is usually a rush to get it ready for storage. However, since we store the boat indoors each winter, we know it will be well protected and ready to go again in spring.

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