Thursday, January 7, 2010


Michelle and I will often make overnight trips in Obsession. We would like to make more extended trips more often, but, alas, our landborne responsibilities often keep us from making as many trips as we would like.

Once we leave the marina in Montague, and make it out to Cardigan Bay, we are fortunate to have a number of possible destinations. One of our regular trips is to Souris. From Cardigan Bay, we sail past Georgetown and around Boughton Island (which normally takes about 90 minutes). From there, it is a straight run north to Souris harbour, about a three hour run (depending on the winds, of course).

There are no problems navigating around Souris harbour. It is wide open, with the marina located behind a large breakwater. The marina has a new website describing the facilities. Eric is always there to welcome visitors, and is an enthusiastic promoter of the facility. It is a relatively new facility, with no shortage of visitor docks. The building has clean showers, which is always a positive. When we go to Souris, there is also the regular trip up the road to Shirley's for ice cream.

At the end of the summer last year, we organized a multi-boat trip from Montague to Souris. There were four sailboats that made the trip. I'm sure we'll have another flotilla make the trip this summer.

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